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Light Works

Amanda Light is a New York based self taught and community mentored artist bringing a raw, expressive perspective to visual communication. The process of making art is fundamentally meditative, and the pieces produced bare a sense of introspective conversation, attempting to identify and explain concepts beyond lingual expression. Utilizing a wide variety of mediums and exploration in technique, the work is an examination of the human condition, metaphysics, and transcendental views of human relationships with oneself, each other and the global environment.  

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About the work

watercolor, ink, pencil, cut paper

Within this body of work, the individual hexagon represents the individual person or entity. Each sheet of painted paper from which I extracted the hexagons encapsulates a period of time that I was working on the piece and whatever energy I infused into those moments, thus groups of the hexagons are "cut from the same cloth", much like a group of people being born in a particular place or time. However, each individual, while similar in ways to the other hexagons, bare a unique stamp of it's particular composition within the greater whole. The six faces of the hexagon represent the many facets of an individual personality that are revealed under varying circumstances. Each hexagon has an aura, or visual representation of its unique energy. The background of each piece then goes on to represent the particular energy and circumstances of each individual(hexagon) in a given moment. Furthermore, some of the pieces go on to explore pairings and groupings of the individuals and the subsequent energy they create as a pair, group, or collective. 

Earth Walkers Series
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, ink, dirt

Ethereal larger than life figures walk the earth interacting with unseen energies/forces.

Information Series
acrylic, oil pastel

This series depicts the constant buzzing of energy and information that is all around us, and how we consume, reflect on, feel, process, and regurgitate it.


 (SOul EVO- REVO- lution). Energy and information flows all around us. Each of us as individuals consume, process, and express the same information in various unique ways. We all have individual flaws, and strengths. When we come together we will find the solution for all that ails our planet and our species.

"The Kiss"
Work in Progress, Phase 3, acrylic, multi-media

I started the drawing for this piece based on a photo from the "Spirit Weavers Gathering", with my daughter sleeping in her wrap, close to my heart. If you look close at the shadow of the butterfly, you will find the meaning of the piece.