The Painted Lady
The Painted Lady

Sara Moore performing as the Painted Lady
Winter Gala 2017 @

" Each artwork you witness on the wall has it's own experience, history, growth, and development. What is the experience of exhibitionism like for the piece? The Painted Lady responds and interacts subtly with audience as they pass by, personifying the life of a piece of art."


Chakra Paper Series
Chakra Paper Series

The Dream Center
Newburgh, Ny

A collection of over 70 pieces of paper hand made with intention. Each color, representing the 7 chakras, was made utlilizing crystals, herbs, essential oils, and affirmations corresponding to the chakras.

SOul EVO- REVO- lution
SOul EVO- REVO- lution

Acyrlic, ink, gel medium

"Energy and information flows all around us. Each of us as individuals consume, process, and express the same information in various unique ways. We all have individual flaws, and strengths. When we come together we will find the solution for all that ails our planet and our species."

 Solo Exhibition @ 2Way Brewing Co

Solo Exhibition @ 2Way Brewing Co

The Earth Walker Series
The Earth Walker Series

Top Left:
OG Earth Walker
Acrylic, Ink, Oil Pastel on Canvas

Bottom Left:
Raise The Vibration
Acylic, Ink, Oil Pastel, Song on Canvas

Bring In The Light
Acrylic, Ink, and Dirt on Canvas

Processing Series
Processing Series
The Hexagon Series
The Hexagon Series

Within this body of work, the individual hexagon represents the individual person or entity. Each sheet of painted paper from which I extracted the hexagons encapsulates a period of time that I was working on the piece and whatever energy I infused into those moments, thus groups of the hexagons are "cut from the same cloth", much like a group of people being born in a particular place or time. However, each individual, while similar in ways to the other hexagons, bare a unique stamp of it's particular composition within the greater whole. The six faces of the hexagon represent the many facets of an individual personality that are revealed under varying circumstances. The background of each piece then goes on to represent the particular energy of each individual(hexagon) in a given moment. Furthermore, some of the pieces go on to explore pairings and groupings of the individuals and the subsequent energy they create as a pair, group, or collective.