How splendid it is to be human

may your passions bubble over
spurting into the sky
like the exploding mountains of Hawaii,
All the glory of fire and fury
the hot liquid flows down the boulders of your holding muscles
and you find release

meanwhile a stream flows sweetly and sings,
may you drink of it,
and be replenenshed by peace and mirth.
your wonder and fascination
a cup perpetually full and overflowing
feeding ferns
the sparkling magic nectar of spirit

may your anger cut cleanly and focused like a fine knife through ties
that no longer serve you,
I would say they never had but
oh, the lessons you've learned
that have rendered your soul
a swift stream of clear and rising air
on which birds have visions of the vast spread of land
so they can plan accordingly

may your feet sink deep into rich soils,
and find nurturing there
glimmering stones and coins revealed
between your toes.
the sanctuary of your quiet knowing is strong here and let it remind you
that we are all the same
a primal heart's steady drumming

and oh, to strive for balance in all of it,
too much soil will make you heavy and
in too much air you'll drift away,
too much fire and you are cinder,
waiting again for a flame

but you never can drink too much water,
can you?

May you find laughter forever in the inherent folly of human
While we trip and spill and fall and burn,
While we love and fight and yearn-
may we do it together somehow despite it
toes stampled and lines crosssed,
disregarded dogma and hurt feelings

May you play nice as much as possible,
and still hold your own

May you be the fool,
all you need over your shoulder
tromping with hope and glee into the sun,

May you also be the high priestess,
passively observing
and holy aware

May you be all the things and none,
but most of all may you be human