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"Milkweed is an interdisciplinary art and event space dedicated to collaboration and community-building. 
One half of the space is an ever-changing gallery, featuring the work of local contemporary artists working in a variety of media. 
The second half of the space is a working studio used by the Milkweed Collective and open to the public. Milkweed frequently hosts arts and skill sharing workshops.
Milkweed frequently hosts live art — including music, performance, dance, poetry, comedy, theater, screenings, and other collaborations. 

We seek to create an accessible, creative environment where ideas can be cultivated and shared. "

The Dream Center
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The Newburgh Dream Center (NDC) is a best in class transformational center & coworking salon located in the heart of Newburgh, NY. 
The Newburgh Dream Center is a project of Global Dreams Rising, a tax-exempt charity based in Newburgh, NY. 
Our mission is to empower possibilities that transform lives, businesses, and communities. 
The NDC is a space for individual and collective transformation. We host experiences that  enhance the mindset ad skillset of individuals, businesses and communities. We provide space, resources and tools to make your dreams a reality. We facilitate connections. 
We also offer seminars, workshops, trainings and events in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, creation & healing.