Amanda Light is a Mother, artist, entrepreneaur, creative facilitator, and community activist currently living and working in the Hudson Valley. Having dabbled in a number of professional applications both stringent and creative in the quest for a 'career path', Amanda experienced the beginning her own creative awakening during the early 2013 eruption of the Newburgh, NY art scene. As a resident artist of Teran Studio, Amanda went from a "closet artist" to an active participant and volunteer at many local art and community events. Since then, it has has been one of Amanda's personal goals to encourage others to express themselves and engage in their communities, while continuing to make art as a form of introspective conversation and soul to soul communication. 
  Amanda has had her work featured in over 18 Exhibitions in Newburgh, Beacon, and Binghamton, NY. Of those exhibitions, she served as a crew member and apprentice in the production of approximately ten shows, learning the nuances of curating and outsider gallery proprietorship. Amanda went on to curate and produce her own group exhibition and corresponding open mic event as a part of Teran Studio and Newburgh Last Saturday arts programming. Amanda has also participated in a number of community arts events and projects such as the Lightbulb Project 2013 & 2014, the Windows on Lander Project, the Williamsburg Walks/Northside Festival, and aided in the design and implementation of the Dream Center Mural Project. In addition to her freelance artist work, Amanda was also a full time employee of a Halloween Production company called Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns, working year round wearing many hats such as; artist, designer, sculptor, welder, electrician, inventory supervisor, fabrication crew supervisor, on site assembly and break down crew supervisor, etc. In 2015 Amanda traveled the U.S. for six months, experiencing and taking notes on the various diverse arts communities in cities such as Asheville, NC, Denver, CO, Tucson, AZ, and Venice Beach, CA. 

"My mission is to inspire individuals to find and develop their unique creative voice by openly sharing the details of my own process and experience in making art. Through a variety of workshops and public talks I intend to share what I've learned along my journey of creation and exhibition. Ultimately, I would like to use art to unite and empower individuals to redesign their lives and communities not only aesthetically, but socially and environmentally, to improve quality of life on an individual, communal, national, and global scale" 


The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.
— Piet Mondrian